Our wines



Badacsonyi Olaszrizling 2016

Rizapuszta vineyard

This wine comes from the south facing slopes of the Hill Tóti, wich is part of the Badacsony wine region. The wineyard lies at 250 m altitude and has typical basaltic soil of Badacsony. For this reason it is perfect to demonstrate the characteristics of the grape Olaszrizling. The fermentation and also the aging took place in inox tanks. It is really elegant with floral, cool citric and vegetal impressions.



Hegymög Olaszrizling 2016                  

Hegymög vineyard

This wine also comes from the slopes of the hill Tóti, wich is part of the region of Badacsony. The vineyard is called Hegymög. The fermentation took place in inox tanks and was followed by aging in 400 L hungarian oak barrels during 6 months. Floral and mineral characteristics and some elegant vanilla aromas.



Szent György-hegyi Olaszrizling 2016

Lovasi vineyard

This vineyard lies on the south facing slopes of the hill of Szent György-hegy at 230 m altitude. It has a strongly basaltic, vulcanic soil. Very strong yield restriction was made. Fermentation in inox followed by aging in 400 L medium tosted hungarian oak barrels during 10 months.  The result is a concentrated but very elegant wine.