Magashegy Winery

Szent György-hegy

The owners: Lázár Helén & Gémesi András
The owners: Lázár Helén & Gémesi András

We believe in nature

Our family run winery has a vineyard of around 1.5 ha.

We believe in nature!

Spontaneos fermentation, no filtration, no clarification, no any kind of additives neither must concentraite nor acid supplement.

We don't add any sulfits from the year of 2019 or if so, we use 30 mg/l as a maximum.

All of our wines are bottled directly from the tap.

We spray the grapes only 3-4 times per year usind bordeaux juice, nothing else.

We make the selection of the grapes in 3 steps: 1-2 mounths before the harvest, 1 week before the harvest and finally after the harvest using a selection table. As we don't use sulfits the healthy grapes are fundamental for us. Usually we make the crushing with foot. We don't use press, when doing the white wine we put the grapes in a classic vintage press and we press the grapes a little by own hands. When doing the red no press at all.
This is how we do the natural wines.