Hungarian natural wines

Our natural wine from Hungary

We make natural wines in Hungary, (mainly using no sulfits at all) from 2017. It was a hard decesion, as my wines wich contain sulfits were popular. But i am looking for the most natural way of doing the wines and the sulfit is not natural.

I was making natural wines from the beginning. It means i didn't add anything to the wines except sulfits, the fermentation was always spontaneus, no filtration, no clarification etc., therefore it seems i have made only some minimal change... 

But this seemingly insignificant detail changes everything.  Doing natural wines without any sulfit seem to be easy, but on the other hand to make a really good natural wine is the hardest thing in the field of winemaking.

If somebody makes natural wine it is obvious that he should make the works in the vineyards accordingly.  There are different ways, different points of view like bio, biodinamic, organic (according to this there are bio wines, biodinamic wines, organic wines) but the aim all of them is: not to damage the nature, the soil and neither the vegetation, everything should remain in the most natural way possible.  

But let's get back to the point: why is so difficult to make a really good natural wine without any sulfit? The sulfit preserves the wine from the oxidation and makes other effects, it is able to equilibrate some mistakes in the vineyard works or in the cellar works. When doing natural wine you suddenly loose all of this kind of protection. But it is not only about the protection of the sulfits but the other additional materials using of wich are prohibited in natural wines. So making natural wine also means to take much more risk. It needs perfect, immaculate work in the vineyards and in the cellar.  

Natural wines of Hungary

The Hungarian natural wine has become more and more popular. In the last 10 years the quantity of the natural wines of Hungary has been multiplicated and it grows every year. The quality is also getting better and better. Nowdays many of the hungarian natural wines are available in the most prestigious restaurants worldwide.