Olaszrizling aszú 2022 - natural wine

Natural wine from Hungary with no sulfits at all. The year of 2022 was uncommon here. In September every week there was a hard rain followed by sun and as a result it became foggy. The Olaszrizling showed what she was able to achive in such a circumstances: turning into immaculate botrytis. When we made the harvest the proportion of the healthy and the botrytiesed berries was approximately 50-50% and beside the high level of sugar the acids were also highly presented in the berries. The result is very very komplex sweet "aszu" wine with huge potential. Fermented and aged in inox tanks on its lees for 1 year.

Spontaneous fermentation, no filtration, no clarification, bottled directly from the tap by hands. 

Alk.: approx. 16% 

6,900 Ft