Olaszrizling 2018 Fermented in barrels

It was fermented and aged in new hungarian barrels of 300 L for 4 months. Then it was passed into inox tanks for further aging. The grapes are from the south slope of the Szent György-Hill, Hungary. Due to the fermentation in barrels the wine is surrounded by creamy and elegant texture with some salty notes of this volcanic soil. Still has an aging potential, complex , sophisticated wine still with definite notes of a very nice barrel. With some time thease aromas of the barrel will be integrated into the elegant fruity aromas to reach an extraordinary finish.

This wine could need some ventilation/decantation before drink.

Spontaneous fermentation, nofiltration, no clarification. Bottled directly from the tap by hands.

Our recommendation to rdink: 18-20 C 

Alk.: kb. 13%

7,900 Ft