H5 Olaszrizling 2018 barrel selection

The brother of the H4. It was fermented and then aged in inox tanks on the original lees of the wine for some 3 months. After that it was aged for 8 months in a 300 L hungarian almost new (second passed) barrels "brand Kádár". The barrel called by me "H4" and the other "H5" was the best when tasting so i bottled those separately. The method of the winemaking is absolutely the same, the only difference is the barrel. But what a difference! This barrel is also a 300 L one, but it was used 4 times before this wine went in it. For this reason the wine has a much more fruity character but in the same time is really complex with a long finish.  

Spontaneous fermentation, no filtration, no clarification. Bottled directly from the tap.

Alk.: 12.5%

4,900 Ft